How much does the platform cost?

The standard subscription cost for the core platform is £5 per employee, per month.

How much do we pay each month?

We review the number of active employees using your portal at the end of each month, and you pay in arrears for that number of employees in the following month.

Are there any set up or annual renewal fees?

No – we operate a subscription model so there are no initial costs or renewal charges.

Are we tied into a contract?

No – we don’t believe in long tie-in periods or penalty clauses. You can leave at any time with 30 days notice.

Is my data secure?

Yes – we adhere to the strictest data policy, please see our privacy policy here.

Do my employees need to have work emails?

No – a contact email address for each employee is all we need.

How do we promote the benefits to our employees?

We provide you with all the communications you need to get started, and as part of our ongoing support you will receive regular communications to keep your employees informed and engaged with the benefits on offer.

Will training & support for HR/Admin users be provided?

We provide a comprehensive guide for your administrator/HR team, as well as ongoing support from our platform support team.

Can I add existing company benefits?

Yes – through our bespoke option, we can add details of your workplace pension scheme or any other benefits you offer to the portal.

Can we customise the look of our portal?

Yes – if you select our bespoke option, we can use your company colours, images and logo to create a unique platform for your employees.

Do I have to pay extra for certain benefits?

We have a great range of additional employer paid options, such as the health & wellbeing and protection benefits that are available through our bolt-on packages. You can add these to your package at any time.

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