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We started WorkLife in 2019 with the mission to make employee benefits affordable and accessible to all UK businesses, no matter their size.

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A happy workforce is a productive workforce

Within the UK, there are over 16.3 million employees in small or medium-sized businesses (SME’S) that don’t have access to the same benefit service offered by larger firms.

By combining market leading benefits with our low subscription fees, we can help your employees enjoy the same great benefits, no matter the size of your business.

We're part of the OM group

WorkLife is part of the OpenMoney group of brands that includes OpenMoney and evestor. Our brands work together to bring financial advice, investing and employee benefits to all.

Our core values

Campaigning for better


Our benefits platform puts an emphasis on the wellbeing of your employees, making sure they are covered in all the financial, mental and physical aspects of their life.



We are open and honest about our subscription service pricing. There are no upfront costs or tie-ins with our benefits platform.

We keep things simple


The WorkLife platform is flexible and modular. You can select additional benefits that you want to offer to your employees at any time.

What makes us different?

We believe that every business and every employee should have access to a competitive benefits package. Our low-cost and flexible platform does exactly that. No set-up costs, low ongoing fees and real support from real people are what sets us apart.


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Head to our frequently asked questions page or send us an email at enquiries@worklifebenefits.uk.

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