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Free Will Writing

Core package

At WorkLife we wanted to curate a range of benefits that allow employees to feel fully supported both at work and at home. We know that peace of mind comes when we’ve taken proper care of the ‘What if’s’ in life and eased the burden on those we will leave behind.

So, we’ve created MyLife Estate Planning. As part of your benefits package provided by your employer, you have a £150 credit that allows you to create either a free will or lasting power of attorney.

As well as the ability to create a will for free, you also have access to expert advice and guidance including how to reduce the cost and burden of probate and estate administration.

This helps you reduce the burden of inheritance tax, ensures your assets can stay within your family and can provide you and your loved ones that all important peace of mind.  

Your will, Your Way.

At MyLife, our customers can create their will however they feel most comfortable, which is why the £150 credit provided to you by your employer covers the cost of creating a will in any of the following ways. You can:

Do it yourself – using our online will writing software approved by the Society of Will Writers and the Institute of Professional Will Writers.

Do it with us – Still using the software but being guided through the process by one of our team.

Let us do it for you – The best way to create certainty. One of our Estate Planning Consultants will work with you to ensure you consider every eventuality, are aware of all your options and able to make an informed choice. They will then oversee the drafting of your documents to ensure that your requirements are met.

By using your £150 credit through your WorkLife membership, you can create a will totally free of charge.