How to support your employees this World Mental Health Day.

Philippa Bell

Published on:

October 8, 2020

2020 has thrown a number of challenges at us that no one could have predicted. This is why World Mental Health Day 2020 is arguably the most important one yet. Months of lockdown, job insecurity, illness and an overall increase in stress has had a huge impact on us all. Prioritizing mental health is more important than ever before.

Although obviously mental health issues can affect anyone at any time, World Mental Health Day is the perfect opportunity for you to start evaluating not only what you’re doing to look after your own mental wellbeing, but that of your team.

This is why we want to give you some of our top tips on how you can help your employees feel properly supported this World Mental Health Day.

1.       Make your team feel heard.

Create an open and approachable environment where your team feel comfortable knowing that they can reach out for support when they need it. Making your workplace a safe space for your employees is the first step in working towards a healthier and happier team. One way you can encourage a culture of transparency and openness, is through providing access to mental wellbeing advice.

2.      Socialise.

With a lot of businesses now working from home, people everywhere are struggling to adapt to this new way of working. Without realizing, a lot of your employees will have been relying on the social interactions that come hand in hand with working in an office, to boost their mood and provide them with little ‘lifts’ throughout the working day. With these interactions now reduced or removed entirely, some of your employees may be feeling a little lonely. We’d recommend offering your team a chance to ‘break out’ together online every once in a while. That way, your teams can maintain their key social interactions and will help to stave off any feelings of loneliness that lockdown may have brought on.  

3.       Signpost to additional specialist help.

Sometimes, your employees issues will need more in-depth support. Having something like an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in place helps employees get a handle on stress factors like financial concerns, family problems or health worries. This access to support in their personal lives can help prevent these issues spilling over into their work lives.

4.       Offer flexible working.

We all know that life sometimes throws the unexpected at us. Whether it’s childcare problems, appointments or even just a flat tyre, things crop up that mean it’s not as easy to be at your computer 9 – 5. The benefit that flexible working can have on a company’s culture is huge. It demonstrates a level of trust in your employees and allows them to have more control over their working day, which lowers stress and can help prevent absenteeism. It’s definitely worth looking into whether flexible working could work for your team, if your employees need a boost.

5.       Extend the care outside the office.

Establishing a good work-life balance is definitely one of the biggest ways you can positively influence your employees’ wellbeing. Whether it’s encouraging an early finish on a Friday, or giving them discounted gym membership, you can empower your teams to take better care of themselves both at work and in their personal lives, leading to a more rounded lifestyle and improved mental wellbeing.

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