Don't fear your finances!

Leah Heath

Published on:

October 25, 2021

As we come to the end of October, are you thinking about your plans for Halloween? Are you planning to dress up as Frankenstein’s monster? A Zombie? Or are you thinking  about your financial situation?

Yes, that’s right, your finances! Do you tremble with fear when the end of the month nears, and wonder how you’ll make it until your next pay check? Are you desperate to start building up savings, but you find the anxiety of assessing your finances too much to bear?

Well at WorkLife by OpenMoney, we are here to tell you –don’t fear your finances! Yes, they can be scary, and regardless of how much we earn, it can be difficult to face them. As members of WorkLife, you don’t need to worry anymore.

With the OpenMoney app, you can add all of your accounts and watch the money you have as a total rise or fall as your bank accounts do. Having all your bank accounts connected gives you a complete picture of your finances, which can make it easier for you to understand.

When you begin your journey with OpenMoney, you will initially be asked to set a financial goal. This gives OpenMoney the best chance of helping you to reach it by using the great features on the app.

For example, there is a budgeting tool, so there is no need to get freaked out by the prospect of creating a budget. OpenMoney can help you budget to make sure you have control over your finances, to help you put away a few extra £s per month or for a specific goal, such as buying your first home.

But perhaps you have savings already… Just sat in an account collecting dust and you’re not sure what to do with them. OpenMoney can assist you here too. To get the most out of your money, OpenMoney offer an investing service with free (yes, free) financial advice, to rid the terrors of high advice fees.

Being spooked by money is not uncommon, but with OpenMoney by your side, you no longer need to fear your finances. Visit the app store today, download OpenMoney, and see how you can improve your financial wellbeing.

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