Top tips in improving team morale

Philippa Bell

Published on:

September 11, 2020

Your team are the core of your business. They’re the people who sell your product, deliver on your deadlines and plan your projects. Finding ways to keep the team motivated, happy and passionate can be difficult, especially given the current climate.  

The added pressure that COVID has had on the workforce is almost immeasurable. The disruption to daily life has been huge, and when you add this to a reduction in pay for most, increased health worries and the need to juggle work with increased family commitments, the stress on your employees has grown hugely in 2020.

To keep your business on track, you need to acknowledge these added stressors and find ways to support your team’s wellbeing during this tricky time.  

How to Improve Morale?

  1. Employee recognition.  Recognising the work your employees do can often be the first thing to slip, especially if your business is fast paced. Whether it’s been persevering with a project or hitting a deadline or target, your employees’ work needs to be acknowledged in a way that reflects their successes. From a simple ‘thank you’ email, to financial rewards and bonuses, there’s a range of ways you can recognize and reward your team properly.
  1. Team Building.  Get your team together, even digitally will do. There are plenty of ways you can bring your team together online these days. Virtually getting together to let your hair down gives your employees the chance to relax, bond with their colleagues and perhaps see the business from a less-serious side. Although Zoom quizzes are starting to feel a little over-done, plenty of businesses are now offering things like online cocktail making and art classes to make digital team building easily accessible.
  1. Put emphasis on wellbeing.  Employee wellbeing is a huge part of morale. From physical health, financial wellbeing, and of course mental health, there’s a range of ways you, as their employer, can approach this. Implementing a wellbeing program, whether it’s an EAP, or through a well-rounded benefits platform, is a successful way of improving the wellbeing of your team. An effective wellbeing program should offer your employees access to appropriate advice, support and resources, as well as give them a ‘safe space’ to begin difficult conversations surrounding their welfare.  
  1. Encourage breaks.  As many people are now working from home in makeshift offices, the line between work and home life is getting harder to differentiate. Whilst some people have mastered the art of switching off when their workday is over, a lot of people are struggling without that home / office divide. Check in with your employees who appear to be online 24/7, they might need a nudge towards taking a break more regularly. Although this might feel counterproductive in terms of work output, in the long run, you’ll see much more out of an employee who isn’t suffering from fatigue vs someone who just can’t switch off.  
  1. Reduce Stress where possible. People experience stress in a range of different areas of their lives, a lot of which can’t be avoided. Although it might not be possible to remove these stressors, it’s important to acknowledge that with the right advice and support, a lot of these stresses can be lessened.  Provide your team with resources like financial advice, life insurance and critical illness cover and you can help alleviate some of the stress that will be having an impact on your team’s wellbeing.  

A simple way to help target these areas of employee morale is through the use of a workplace benefits solution. From using discounts on high street brands as a way of rewarding and recognising hard work, to providing access to financial advice and NHS approved mental health and wellbeing support to help alleviate stress. The WorkLife benefits platform is an easy way to quickly implement a workplace support solution without breaking the bank.  

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