Seeing faces that aren't over Zoom!

Leah Heath

Published on:

June 14, 2021

You might not think you’ve missed the faces of your colleagues having seen them on Zoom for the past year, but without you even realising, it could have affected your wellbeing.

Seeing and interacting with other people helps make up our social wellbeing. In fact, psychological research has shown that human interaction leading to close relationships builds our immunity from colds and protects us from developing depression. Psychology Today notes that importantly, social interaction gives us joy, meaning and purpose. So while Zoom calls have been a good means to an end, face to face interaction is crucial for our wellbeing.

So with this in mind, why not plan to take your first lunchbreak back with a colleague? Or if you’re a team leader, suggest that your team go to wagamama after work? With Pure Card offering up to 10% cashback, you have the option to spend and save at a number of restaurants. Something as simple as this can help yourself and your colleagues get back into the swing of seeing each other, and reduce any worries people might feel about returning to work.

On the other hand, if your lockdown health kick is continuing into June, you could suggest to a colleague to go on a walk on your break, or even a trip to the gym! This is a nice, casual way to get your workplace relationships thriving once more. Visit your WorkLife platform to access your MyActive discounts, buy those new trainers you’ve been thinking about and give your colleague a call.

However, if going back into the office, footing the weekly bills for your Pret fix and paying for train fares is causing you stress, then make sure you’re tracking your spend with the OpenMoney app. You will also receive digitised advice on areas where you could improve your money management and financial wellbeing. If the monetary aspect of going back to work is worrying you, OpenMoney can help.

The defining point of this blog is to encourage you to appreciate the company of your colleagues, after all, it has been a long time! You don’t need to break the bank on sustaining these relationships, just enjoy each other’s company, and know that if you need, WorkLife can help.

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