NEW Benefit: MyLife

Leah Heath

Published on:

July 4, 2021

Few of us like discussing the serious what ifs of life. It’s not easy to think about one day leaving our loved ones behind. It’s also not an easy conversation to have, and because of this, too often important things are left unsaid.

At WorkLife we want our members to feel supported in all areas of their lives, and part of this support means having peace of mind for if the unthinkable were to happen.

That’s why we have created MyLife Estate Planning. As part of your benefits package provided by your employer, you have a £150 credit that allows you to create either a free will or Lasting Power of Attorney

But once that is done, you are not on your own. Annual check-ups will ensure that your plan remains up to date and if changes are needed, they are included for free.

MyLife Estate planning offers more than just a document, it also offers expert advice and guidance on how to reduce costs, and to make sure that your assets stay within your family, providing you and your loved ones with that all important peace of mind.

Writing your will is a significant personal decision, we hope that with the launch of MyLife Estate Planning, our WorkLife members will feel supported through this process and that any worries they may have had will be minimized. It is important to us that our WorkLife members feel comfortable, and certain that what they want to happen will actually happen, and so MyLife Estate Planning has been designed with this in mind.

There is no time too soon to create a will, so make sure your legacy is protected by visiting your WorkLife platform and taking a better look at MyLife Estate Planning today.

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