New Benefit for WorkLife Members!

Leah Heath

Published on:

May 3, 2021

This month at WorkLife by OpenMoney, we are excited to be launching a new benefit!

Mouthy Money is a personal finance blog ran by a number of writers who use their expertise in finance and journalism to steer us through the often-puzzling world of finance.

Mouthy Money breaks down complicated jargon and exclusive concepts of money information so that it is accessible for everyone! The simple tips and tricks of this blog ensure that we are able to understand and take into account this information and its teachings to use in our everyday lives.

With the website being updated every few days, a broad number of topics are covered. Want to know if bitcoin is worth it? Or what the best ways are to become financially independent? How about more information around the housing market? Mouthy Money can answer your questions.

Organised in an easy-to-navigate structure under the main headings: earning, spending and saving, you are guaranteed to be able to find something useful to you. Read, learn and apply to your own life!

You can access this, and all of your other benefits through your WorkLife platform.

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