Meet the editor of Mouthy Money

This week at WorkLife by OpenMoney, we are getting to know one of the editors of Mouthy Money a little bit better!

Leah Heath

Wellbeing Advisor

May 13, 2021

This week at WorkLife by OpenMoney, we are getting to know one of the editors of Mouthy Money a little bit better!

In case you don’t know by now, we have a new WorkLife benefit. Mouthy Money is an online blog set up to help people understand all aspects of finance and improve their financial wellbeing.

Co-editors Edmund Greaves and Paul Thomas are on a constant lookout for interesting personal stories about money.

In their words, Mouthy Money is “real stories, told by real people and chock full of jargon-free tips and tricks to help you get a hold of your finances.”

In our interview today, Edmund gives us his take on personal finances, his background and why Mouthy Money is telling personal stories first.

Leah: So Edmund, can you tell me a little bit about your background?

Edmund: I’m a journalist by trade, having worked in a few different areas from politics to travel and in the past few years, in personal finance. Before looking after Mouthy Money I was deputy editor at Moneywise Magazine, which sadly no longer exists.

I tried a lot of different areas of journalism after I left University because I was never really sure what to focus on or what I’d be good at. I fell into personal finance really by accident as I came back from living in Argentina in 2016 and just took the first job I could find in London, which happened to be in the realm of money.

It turned out to be a good fit – not only because money was a constant presence in my life as a young person in a very expensive city, but because it is really at the root of many problems in life for all of us. Sometimes finance is painted as a dull subject but it matters, a lot.

Leah: And what led you to Mouthy Money?

Edmund: Mouthy Money is trying to do something different from your everyday money section in the paper or personal finance website. We’re trying to frame personal finance through the most important element of the story – the people it affects.

We do this by working with normal people, the money blogger community and other organisations that tap directly into personal finance issues that affect normal people.

Leah: What challenges would you like Mouthy Money to help overcome?

Edmund: Normal people face barriers to entry in finance at every turn. That could be anything from not having enough wealth to speak to a financial adviser, or not a big enough deposit for a house, to having a credit score that doesn’t let you buy a new car.

Mouthy Money seeks to find people who have had issues like these but overcome them and helped explained how. It’s well and good a journalist with limited actual experience creating a list of ‘how to set up your own business’ but its something else entirely hearing a small business owner explain how they did it, step by step.

Leah: Who do you think Mouthy Money can help?

Edmund: Anyone who has to use money (by which I mean everyone!). It doesn’t matter if you’ve got no money or lots of it – at every level people face difficult decisions every day. We want to help them consider those decisions by giving examples of how others achieved their goals.

Leah: What do you hope people will take away from Mouthy Money?

Edmund: I’d like to help people see that money doesn’t equal happiness, but that having a better understanding of your money is key to giving you control of it.

Too much of what is out there on the internet today is aimed at getting rich quick – but a general rule of thumb is that if someone is offering to make you rich, it probably means they’re going to be getting rich at your expense.

Instead, people should work on taking control of their money and trying to build wealth over time. It’s a marathon not a sprint!

Leah: What can you see in the future for Mouthy Money?

Edmund: We want to reach a point where anyone can look on the site and immediately find a personal finance story that can relate to their own experiences and help them better navigate their own money.

We also want it to be an open forum for anyone who wants to share their experiences. That’s why we tell everyone we meet to get in touch if they have a tale to tell!

To share your story with Mouthy Money, or to read their online magazine, visit your WorkLife platform today!