How to use your time wisely, and walk more!

5 top tips on how to get walking into our busy lives!

Leah Heath

Wellbeing Advisor

May 9, 2022

At WorkLife by OpenMoney, we have been shouting loud about an event that occurs in May. So you might already know that May is National Walking Month. Walking is a great way to keep our fitness levels up; it’s a gentle exercise that is less likely to cause injury than other types of physical activity and it is extremely accessible. Most of us can agree on that at the very least!

What we might not be able to agree on, is that making time for walking is simple. There are only so many hours in a day, right? Granted, adding in a walk into your day, on top of everything else that you have to do might seem impractical, but is there an easier way to do it? The trick to upping your step count is to make it simple for yourself.

What we mean by making it simple for yourself is to incorporate walking into your lifein manageable ways, or turn walking into something fun to do!

Here are our top tips:

1.       Think about where you need to go, is it a walkable distance? The corner shop? A family member’s house? Do you absolutely need to drive? Pop in your headphones and you might find that you are there before you know it. Walking rather than driving is a great way to improve your environmental wellbeing and that is bound to make you feel better, improving your mental wellbeing also!

2.       As more of us are working from home, we have lost the commute to work. How about having a little walk before and after work? This will get you into the mindset for the working day and ensure that before you begin work, you have already achieved some physical exercise. It doesn’t need to be anything lengthy, just a quick turn around the block.

3.       Think about the breaks that you take during your working day. Could you sacrifice 10 minutes scrolling on LinkedIn to go on a short stroll? How about using some of your lunch break? Taking regular breaks is shown to improve the quality of work, so go for it!

4.       For some people, walking might seem a little lonely, but with friends or family, it won’t be! Do you have any friends or family nearby that you could meet for a walk? Catching up with loved ones while walking is a great way to get steps in while having fun with your friends.

5.       While friends and family might make the sound of a walk more appealing, how about furry friends?! Do you have a dog that you could go on a quick wander with? How about offering to walk your neighbour’s dog? Before you know it you will be walking more than ever before!

So there you go! There are many different ways that you can make walking more appealing, if you’re not convinced by the exceptional health benefits. Fitting movement into our daily lives comes from making it easy for ourselves, so try some of our tips, and get walking in National Walking Month!