How to support your team as they transition to the ‘New Normal’

Philippa Bell

Published on:

September 9, 2020

The New Normal is a term that has been increasingly used during 2020. With lockdown starting to ease for the majority of the UK, businesses have been forced to quickly adapt their office spaces, ways of working and even team structures in order to get up and running in the New Normal.

This has included everything from modifying best practice guidelines for hygiene and safety in the workplace, to setting up remote working and even implementing new working schedules to allow employees to avoid ‘peak times’ for commuting. Not only has this led to an increased running expense to businesses during a period where income has been reduced, but the added pressures these changes have had on the business and its employees has been colossal.  

One significant way you can support your team during this time, is to offer wellbeing and financial support to your employees. The need for financial advice among ordinary workers has never been greater. Yet many people either cannot afford to speak to a financial adviser or don’t know where to go to find simple, helpful money advice. This is why we have created WorkLife.

WorkLife is an employee benefits platform created for smaller businesses and their workers, offering a range of benefits and services usually only available to staff at bigger corporate firms. Some of the most important elements WorkLife has to offer is financial advice and mental health guidance, along with a range of money management tools, giving potentially millions of workers the much-needed support they deserve during these difficult times. All for free.

The free money guidance will be provided by Manchester-based financial advice pioneer OpenMoney. And because financial stress is more than just finding the money to pay your bills, WorkLife also offers free mental health and wellbeing support from Thrive, an NHS approved app. On top of that, to make money stretch a bit further, WorkLife has a range of discounts at big brand shops and restaurants via Purecard.

With over 99% of businesses in the UK being small to medium sized firms (SMEs), we wanted our platform to be accessible for everyone, which is why for the rest of 2020, we’ve made our platform available at no extra cost to your business.  This means that even those firms hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak will be able to offer their workers valuable benefits and support, at no cost to the business. While for employees, the benefits will feel like they’re getting hundreds of pounds extra in their pay packets each year.

Normally benefits like this are only available to employees of big firms, primarily due to hefty upfront costs, prohibitive ongoing fees and long contracts. With WorkLife, we wanted to throw that idea out of the window. The online platform is simple to set up, linking up with payroll information and workplace pensions, so employees can see all their benefits and salary in one place.

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