How can we reflect on World Mental Health day?

Leah Heath

Published on:

October 11, 2021

As yesterday was World Mental Health day, we think that now is the perfect time to reflect on our mental wellbeing and how we might look to continue nurturing it every day of the year!

Because mental wellbeing is not simply having a good day, it is a work in progress. The truth is, we need to take note of how we feel at several points in each day, and notice the things that make up our positive mental wellbeing. This could be from moments as simple as hearing a song we like on the radio or a smile from a cashier, to overwhelmingly happy, life-altering occasions!

Reflecting on these things and understanding how they make us feel is incredibly beneficial to our mental wellbeing. Reflection is learning, and learning about yourself will give you a better understanding of what makes you happy and how to do this again and again. It also helps you gain perspective on what matters to you which deepens the understanding that you have of yourself. Reflection can be a positive, grounding and sobering experience.

Reflection can be done in a number of ways. For some of us, it may be as simple as thinking back on your day and highlighting times where you felt happy or positive, without any real structure. Having little structure is not a problem! You are still reflecting on your happiness and if simply putting on some music and sitting alone to reflect works for you, then that is brilliant.

However, not everyone finds this type of reflection so simple. Which is ok too! We are all different, and so the way we process our emotions will be different too.

Some people prefer to actually vocalise their feelings, whether this is done alone, out-loud like one might voice positive affirmations, or with a loved one listening. This can be a really great way to acknowledge how you feel, as saying things out loud is believed to form audio links in our memory pathways which embeds the thoughts in our subconscious.

On the other hand, some prefer journaling, which can be done in a number of ways. Some people will write diary-like entries recounting their day, while others might simply write a list of a few things they were grateful for throughout the day. If you are more of a visual person you might choose to use different colours and pictures to illustrate your feelings.

Whatever your preference, and however often you think is necessary, have a go at reflecting on your mental wellbeing. Reflection can give us a better understanding of ourselves, our motivations and our behaviours, allowing us to better understand our mental wellbeing and work towards the best version of ourselves that we can be.

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