Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go!

Leah Heath

Published on:

May 31, 2021

Restrictions are lifting and so are our spirits. It’s great to think that at some point we could be back to how we were just 18 months ago, whether that's working from an office or getting to see colleagues face to face for a coffee break. However, having been out of “normal” working for so long, being slightly worried about what the future might hold is more common than you might think.

But at WorkLife, we’re determined to look at the bright side of what going back into work can mean for us, and how we can use our WorkLife benefits to make our experience even better! So today, we'll focus on the commute…

Commuting to work gives us an element of routine back into our lives, and even though lots of us have been working all throughout the pandemic, with more people joining in on the daily commute as offices re-open, things are going to change for us all. Having to commute to and from work can be an opportunity to prepare for the day ahead, or wind down once you leave work. It might be the time you choose to listen to your favourite podcast, doodle or sketch or even start planning that side hustle you've always talked about - it can act as dedicated downtime that you may have missed while working at home. If you are going back into your workplace, try and make sure you use this time to do something positive for you, whatever that may look like.

A commute can also give you more motivation to get up in the morning and get exercising! If you already know you’re having to leave your house, it’s easier to commit to taking an extra half hour to get your heart raised. If the gym is en route to your workplace, you could pop in for a swim in the morning, or smash out a weights session on your way home. Check out your MyGym discounts to see which gyms are near you! You’ll be feeling fitter and healthier before you know it.

If you're lucky enough to be able to walk to your workplace, or you walk between tubes/trains/buses, this is another great opportunity to get some exercise in and have some time to yourself. Listen to some tunes or podcasts while you rack up your steps on your Garmin fitness tracker, which currently have up to 40% off with your MyActive discounts. Just follow the link through your WorkLife portal to access it. By the time you get into work, you can feel invigorated and ready to start the day having already fit in some fresh air and exercise.

So as a WorkLife member, you don’t need to dread getting back into the commute. Having a positive view of what this time could mean for you will hopefully take away some of the anxiety surrounding going back to work. Have a think about how you can own your commute, and use that time for you!

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