Employers' Top Priority

Leah Heath

Published on:

June 7, 2021

This year our Small Business Monitor came at an interesting time. We have been climbing out of the pandemic, and that has certainly had a major impact on the findings. We discovered many interesting things with our Small Business Monitor, but something we think is important to share is what employers noted as their top priority following the pandemic. Any ideas what it is? Well, it’s employee wellbeing.

Some statistics we found show that 28% of firms are anxious about keeping employees safe from the risk of Covid-19 in the workplace, and 26% were troubled by the impact of the pandemic on workers’ mental wellbeing. Suggesting that following the pandemic, employers will be taking extra care to address the wellbeing concerns of their most valuable asset, their employees.

Our director, Steve Bee, noted that this result, “clearly shows that despite the immense challenges, SMEs recognise that their workers are the ones who will help them get their business back to where it was before the pandemic.” Confirming that you, the employees, are the real superheroes behind the success of our businesses.

It’s important to understand how employee wellbeing and business productivity tie into one another. Positive employee wellbeing will play a large part in recovering struggling businesses following the pandemic, which will alleviate many money troubles that businesses are facing. In summary, when businesses start by caring for their employees, they can’t go far wrong.

As a WorkLife member, your employer understands that taking care of your wellbeing is instrumental in helping their business thrive. That’s why at WorkLife we are working to address all of the key areas of wellbeing, providing free financial advice, a mental wellbeing app and all manner of discounts on everything from social activities to sporting goods. Because your wellbeing is crucial to how you feel, and how you feel drastically affects yourself-worth and how you work.

To take advantage of the benefits provided by your employer, visit your WorkLife portal today and see how you can take care of your wellbeing.

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