Dates for your diary!

With employee wellbeing clearly front of mind for many businesses, we have launched a new campaign to help employers better understand and address the five key pillars of their employees’ wellbeing.

Leah Heath

Wellbeing Advisor

November 8, 2021

Our latest Small Business Monitor revealed employee wellbeing to be top of the list of priorities for SMEs right now.

When asked about the key concerns facing their business over the next year, helping employees with the long-term impact on their mental wellbeing (17%) was the highest concern among SMEs we engaged with, followed by helping with the impact on staff’s personal finances (15%).

With employee wellbeing clearly front of mind for many businesses, we have launched a new campaign to help employers better understand and address the five key pillars of their employees’ wellbeing – financial, mental, physical, social, and environmental.

Over the coming months and with the support of our expert partners, we will be sharing practical guidance in the form of blogs, webinars, and events to help employers and employees alike with all things wellbeing.

Central to the campaign is our brand-new WorkLife Wellbeing Podcast. Launched today (Monday 8 November), the six-part series will feature special guests, including Sarah Singleton from mental health & wellbeing app Thrive, and health, fitness and nutrition specialist Sam Pashley from REAL Online Training and Nutrition, will tackle topics related to each specific area.

Stay tuned as we reveal more details over the next few weeks, but below are the key dates for your diary:

· Monday 8th November – Join us for the very first episode of our WorkLife Wellbeing podcast, where we will be outlining the five key pillars which feed into our overall wellbeing.

· Monday 8th November – Check out our blog - 'When the Holidays aren’t so fun' - which will explore different techniques that can help us navigate the moments when we might be feeling blue during the festive season.

· Monday 15th November – Listen to episode two of our podcast, where Ed Greaves, co-editor of personal finance blogzine Mouthy Money, will be offering expert advice on how we can strengthen our financial wellbeing.

· Monday 15th November – If you're feeling like getting creative and saving yourselves a few pennies over the holidays, then check out our blog - 'Have yourself a cost-cutting December' - which will be full of money-saving hacks.

· Monday 22nd November – Sam Pashley from REAL Online Training and Nutrition will be joining us for episode three of our podcast, to discuss how we can bolster our physical wellbeing.

· Monday 22nd November – It's no secret that this time of the year, can take a toll on some financially. Our blog - 'How to avoid breaking the bank' - will explore how WorkLife benefits such as OpenMoney and Thrive can make a big difference this December.

· Thursday 25th November – Don’t miss out on our Wellness in the Workplace event in partnership with pro-manchester, where we’ll get into the benefits of implementing wellness programmes and how they can improve employee performance.

· Monday 29th November – Tune into episode four of our podcast, where we’ll be joined by Sarah Singleton from Thrive to discuss how we can look after our mental wellbeing and maintain a healthy work / life balance.

· Monday 6th December – Episode five of our podcast is on environmental wellbeing. We’re joined by Clair Staines from OpenMoney and will explore how our natural surroundings affect our interactions.

· Monday 6th December – In collaboration with Thrive we’ll be showcasing our infographics on Financial Wellbeing during the Holidays.

· Thursday 9th December – We team up with our mental wellbeing partner, Thrive, in hosting a webinar on financial wellbeing and how it can affect mental health.

· Monday 13th December – For the final episode in our podcast series, we have recruitment expert Lily Shippen on social wellbeing and why it’s important to feel included.

· Monday 13th December – In another collaboration with Thrive, we will be publishing our infographics on how people can cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder.