Coming Up In January

Philippa Bell

Published on:

January 5, 2021

Happy 2021!

We know 2020 was turbulent for both employers and employees alike, so we're keen to make sure everyone heads into 2021 with the tools they need to handle whatever life throws at us over the coming year. To do this, we've teamed up with some amazing businesses to help give you and your employees some top tips, tricks and advice to improve your financial, physical and mental wellness this year.

We're working with REAL Online Training and Nutrition to bring you some exclusive content on everything from having the motivation to exercise, to expert advice on nutrition. Look out for their guest blogs over the next couple of weeks to find out how you can make small changes in your life to see a real change in your wellbeing.

Then, as a taster of what's to come in Financial Wellbeing month in March, award-winning money management experts, OpenMoney will be helping you to successfully create a financial plan. Whether you're struggling to save, or are thinking about investing, this series of blogs from OpenMoney will certainly help finetune your decision making skills when it comes to your financial wellbeing.

Throughout the month we'll also be sharing events, advice and resources from our industry-leading providers, making sure you have all the tools you need to properly support your employees this year.

So, whatever your goals are, we are here to help.

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