bYond belief!

If you haven’t heard, your Pure Card benefit has had a makeover.

Leah Heath

Wellbeing Advisor

November 1, 2021

If you haven’t heard, your Pure Card benefit has had a makeover.

Since the creation of WorkLife, we have enjoyed our high street discounts and the £s that Pure Card has saved us. For some of us, Pure Card has been the difference of up to £900 per year back into our pockets! But nothing is perfect (including Pure Card!) and for that reason, the team at Pure Card have been working extremely hard to bring you the bYond card.

But I know what you’re thinking, how could they possibly make Pure Card better? Well you will still earn 3 to 15% cash back on various retailers such as Boots, WHSmith and Zizzi restaurants, amongst many others. You still use a card in the way that you are used to, but now the card has added capabilities.

For those of you who already have the Pure Card, you will have already been contacted to move over to the new and improved version. Hooray! You’re already enjoying the privileges that come with the bYond card.

For new joiners, welcome to bYond card. bYond works in the exact same way that Pure Card always did but now it is even easier to see and manage your savings. A new mobile app has been released, which you can download to see what you’ve earned against each transaction in your account. Within 30 days of spending, your cash is delivered to your vault where you can keep it to work towards a savings goal, or move to your card balance straight away, the choice is yours!

For an annual subscription of just £5, you have access to the app and discounts to over 70 retailers online and in-store.

Shopping with a retail discounts card can save you hundreds of pounds. Buying things you ordinarily would have done, with an added discount? Who can say no?! bYond card might also make you think twice about the places that you shop. Can you save more by using the bYond card at a participating store as opposed to your usual outlets?

With this month being important for financial wellbeing, take a look at your retail spend and see how and where you could make savings.

How much do you think you can save? Visit your WorkLife platform now to find out more.