Amy - International Women's Day

This blog is a transcript taken from an original video recorded by Amy Thompson.

Amy Thompson

Apprentice Software Developer

March 21, 2022

The following blog is a transcript taken from an original video recorded by Amy Thompson. To watch this video, just click here.

Hi! I’m Amy and I’m an apprentice software developer at OpenMoney.

I’ve been developing software and websites for almost 6 years and it’s through my initiative and passion that I’ve taught myself most of what I know.

I’ve enjoyed every bit of my journey, and there are times that I want to do nothing else but develop a new program that will influence the lives of people across the internet and make a positive impact.

Since joining the workplace, my life has changed for the better as I’m surrounded by supportive and non-judgemental people who have taught me a range of valuable skills. 

That power of just being able to develop something that people will actually use is what the joy of programming really is for me; making something useful, or fun, for a wide audience of people. 

I’ll never stop striving to do that.

It goes without saying that I’ll continue to do more and more, and I want to let my achievements and career show that men, women or people of any gender shouldn’t be disadvantaged from doing what they’re passionate about - as I know on a personal level that anyone with that aptitude and passion can go onto develop something absolutely remarkable, so long as they are treated like I am - with support, encouragement and no judgement whatsoever.

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