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Financial advice and money management

Core package

We’ve teamed up with OpenMoney, an award winning online financial adviser that offers expert financial advice through its online portal and handy tools via its app to help people manage their money better.

Did you know that almost 20 million people in the UK feel they would benefit from financial advice, but think they can’t afford or access it? OpenMoney are now making financial advice affordable and available to everyone.

After answering a few simple questions on their website, OpenMoney will be able to give your employees personalised advice about their money, whether that’s help managing their day-to-day finances better, building up savings or even investing - OpenMoney are here to help!

Their app allows employees to see all of their accounts, such as bank accounts, savings and credit cards, all in one place. They can use the app’s tools to manage their money by monitoring their spending, setting budgets to help pay off their debts quicker or build up a savings pot. And all of this is free to your employees.

If your employee is thinking about investing, with the potential of growing a bigger savings pot, OpenMoney will recommend the most suitable product to suit their financial situation and help meet their financial goals, such as saving for a house or retirement. People can start investing with OpenMoney from as little as £1, while their low annual fees of 0.5% of your investment value, mean your employees keep more of their money.